A SSAS is registered with H.M. Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and as such carries generous tax benefits:

As a trustee of your own scheme you will enjoy more investment freedom.

Contributions are deductible against tax.

No income or capital gains tax on investments and disposals.

Tax free death benefits - pension or lump sum before age 75.

Commercial property can be bought (and leased back to your company).

Loans advanced to your company.

The ability for the SSAS to borrow money (for allowable asset purchase).

Foxrock staff are highly experienced and have worked in Financial Services for many decades.

What We Offer

Their role is to match your needs to an appropriate Scheme Administrator and guide you through the stages of setting up (or transferring an existing SSAS).

It may be that as well as choosing your own investments you require the services of an FCA regulated advisor, accountant or other professional and we can make these referrals on your behalf as we are working with them on a daily basis.

Due to the bespoke nature of SSAS we would welcome an initial discussion at our expense, to consider your particular circumstances.